Hello June!

posted 11 Jun 2021, 09:33 by Georgina Bradley
A warm welcome back to all of our lovely children at Dore Pre-School. We have really made the most of this fantastic weather this week, spending all of our time outside in our amazing grounds. 

We started the week by listening to the June story - a tale of a little girl and boy who go on an adventure through streams and meadows, singing songs along the way about bumble bees, sheep, lambs, picking dandelions and blowing their clocks! Well....we did exactly the same! Look at our beautiful fields of wildflower and dandelions! We so enjoyed blowing the clocks into the breeze. 

Oh dandelion, all yellow as gold, oh what do you do all day?

I stand around in the tall green grass, til the children come to play.

Oh dandelion, all yellow as gold, oh what do you do all night?

I wait and wait til the dew falls down, until my hair turns white.

And what do you do when your hair turns white and the children come to play?

They pick me up in their dimpled hands, and blow my hair away. 

We have also been cooling off this week with lots of water play, messy play and ice-lollies around the fire-circle. We also enjoyed some alfresco dining...why not?

We made our own fluffy sheep pictures, just like the sheep in the June story, practising our cutting and sticking skills.
We also loved playing on our brand new tyre park in the yard - MASSIVE thank you to the DPA

And finally...we released our butterflies! Having watched them develop from eggs to caterpillars to chrysalis to butterflies spreading their wings - it was amazing!