posted 8 Jan 2021, 06:46 by Georgina Bradley
The children at Dore Pre-School have loved the frosty weather this week, which has also been perfect for our January story... Two little children woke up early one morning to find that Jack Frost had visited in the night. The children were desperate to explore their garden to see and play in Jack Frost's silvery powder. While they were playing they spotted a little red robin in the trees and in the bushes (our very own robin also appeared, just like magic!) and the children sang a song all about him. The children headed back to their home as more snowflakes fell and tucked themselves up in bed before saying goodnight to the bright moon in the sky. 

It was a lovely story, that the children thoroughly enjoyed. We made our own snow with special sprinklers and left snowy hand prints on trees. We crunched through frosty grass and caught snowflakes on our tongues. We slid down frosty slopes and investigated ice. We also made some more felt out of wool roving, ready to make some little robin broaches next week. Finally, the children got crafty, making some wonderful melted snowmen pictures. 

Also, a big welcome to all of our new starters this week - you have all been fantastic! We are so pleased you have joined us.

On our way up to the field to tell the January Story
Sliding down the frosty slope
Making our own snow

Making ice
Melted snowmen crafts