Leaves, Pumpkins and Halloween fun.

posted 23 Oct 2020, 05:25 by Lisa Wells
WOW what an amazing first half term at our Forest school themed Pre-school. Have a great break and stay safe. See you all very soon . 

This weeks fun ........

We're going on a leaf hunt....
The children went to explore and collect all the different colour, shapes and sizes of leaves they could find around school. The found big leaves, small leaves, yellow leaves, red leaves and also orange leaves. They watched, and caught them as they fell from the trees. 
The next day the children emptied all the leaves from their explorer belts/ bags and matched them onto a colour chart. They all did really well at matching, the trickiest colour to find was grey. Although one of the children showed us how the underside of the red leaves were grey! What a good find!

Exploring and hunting for leaves.
Colour Matching
Performing on the stage 
Pre-school Outdoor live gigs...music, dancing  and singing.
Halloween Fun
The children collected pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. They were heavy, but they rolled them down the hill or used wheelbarrows to transport them. The children then sawed the top off using a bow saw and scooped out the insides. They also painted and cleaned them .  

Sawing and broom stick play

Halloween Potions.....Such good messy fun!