Pelle's New Suit

posted 19 Mar 2021, 09:14 by Georgina Bradley   [ updated 19 Mar 2021, 09:18 ]
This week, the children at Dore Pre-School heard all about a Swedish boy called Pelle and his new suit...
Pelle lives on a farm and befriends a lamb. The lamb grew and Pelle grew. And the lamb's coat grew longer and longer but Pelle's coat only grew shorter and shorter. One day Pelle decides to shear the lambs wool and make himself a new suit!

Inspired by the story, the children have been learning about all things that grow!

Finding Pelle's New Suit...a gift from the Root Children. Looking for things that grow:

Measuring height and making a height chart with our trainee teachers:

Making some little lambs of our own and general forest school fun...tyre swings and potion making:
Prepping the veg, making a healthy soup...helping us to grow big and strong
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