Rain, rain and more rain!

posted 22 Jan 2021, 05:43 by Georgina Bradley
Well it is safe to say that come rain or shine, this lot are out and about making the most of life! Not even storm Christoph was going to deter this resilient bunch, the exact opposite...so much fun has been had this week, dancing, splashing, running, and rolling through puddles. 

As the storm grew closer, we prepared some wooden rafts which we planned to sail on the puddles. The children used the loppers with support, before gluing them together. They personalised them with a mast and a flag. To the children's amazement, they sailed beautifully along the giant puddle.

Raft building and sailing

Puddle dancing and water play

The children have also explored some science this week, by making their own snow. By combining some secret ingredients, the children made some fluffy white flakes which they enjoyed playing with. We have also seen some fantastic turn taking and team work this week and some creative indoor activities. 

Making snow and indoor play
We ended the week by listening to a new story called Bear's Winter House. The children helped bear to collect some branches and old Christmas trees before being challenged to build some dens for our classroom bears to shield them from the storm. Look at their fabulous efforts.

Bear dens