Roly Poly, Mud and lots of sunny Autumn Fun

posted 14 Oct 2020, 01:14 by Richard Hanks
This week the children learnt the early October Story. They listened to a story with songs, of two children who lived on the edge of a beautiful ancient forest:
One autumnal morning the two children got up and went out on an adventure . On their way they sat under an apple tree and sang about the apples falling in stormy weather. They did a big Roly Poly in long wet grass, met Baa Baa Black Sheep on the edge of a stream, then on their way home spied Squirrel Nutkin with his coat so brown, the loveliest in woodland town, hunting for acorns under the old oak tree. 

See if your children can remember the songs; Morning has come, Apple tree song, Roly Poly, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Squirrel Nutkin and I see the moon . They retold the story every day and sang the songs. They even went on their own adventure...

Learning the October Story, Roly Poly fun and collecting acorns under the Oak tree.
   More Roly Poly fun, balancing and climbing on trees.

The puddle outside the junior classrooms is a perfect depth for splashing in !

More story retell, and having a sit down in mud....just 'cause you can in pre-school!

Making an ambulance and using a potato peeler to whittle.