The Chestnut Tree story and lots of other forest school fun!

posted 16 Oct 2020, 05:27 by Georgina Bradley
This week the children have learnt a new story about a little boy and a little girl who wake up one cold, Autumn morning and decide to go and fetch some wood for the fire. On their way to the pile of wood they jump in muddy puddles, meet Mr Hedgehog and find brilliant, bright conkers. Of course, we had to re-enact the off we went...muddy puddle jumping, wood collecting and sawing and conker spotting! We also had lots of other fun along the way, tree climbing and sharing marshmallows around the fire. We have also used the hand drill this week to make a giant number line with all of the conkers we found. We have hung it up in our classroom to help us practise our counting skills.

Learning the story

Splashing in puddles
Off on our adventures
Collecting and sawing wood for the fire

Tree climbing along the way
Back to make a fire
Having fun climbing the ladder

Making Potions

Conker drilling and threading ready for our giant number line