The March Story

posted 5 Mar 2021, 08:57 by Georgina Bradley
The children have well and truly welcomed the arrival of Spring this week. The children have listened to a wonderful story about a little boy and little girl who wake up early one spring morning, excited and eager to see if the hens have laid any eggs in the hen house. On their travels the children roly poly down to the stream where they see the pussy willow dipping her branches into the water. On the way back up the hill they see a birds nest on the ground which they decide would make a great basket for their eggs from the hens. They also notice the pretty flowers which are beginning to grow up the garden wall. The children loved the new songs this week which we have all sung along with the story.  

Spring is coming, Spring is coming birdies build your nests,
Weave together straw and feather, each one doing their best,
Spring is coming, Spring is coming, flowers are coming too,
Roses, lilies, daffodillies, each one coming through

Inspired by our March Story, the children have been on a 'signs of spring' walk, where we found crocuses, daffodils, snow drops and new buds. We also shared a listening moment where we heard Mr Robin tweeting away in the trees above us. Later in the week we studied birds nest and eggs. The children had a go at making their own nests using clay and twigs and learnt how eggs are all different sizes and colours - we went on our own hunt which ended with a tasty chocolate egg treat! We also cooked eggs on the fire which all the children devoured. 

As always, the children have enjoyed learning the forest school way - climbing trees, swinging on the rope swing, making up mud concoctions in the kitchen and building obstacle courses. The children have also made their own mini beasts this week, using the bow saw and palm drills. 

We also had a great time sharing stories to celebrate world book day!

Enjoy :)

The March Story, Spring Walk and Tree Climbing
Making Nests and Wood Cookie Bugs
Outdoor Fun!
Cooking eggs on the fire and a bird egg hunt
Happy World Book Day!
And one last one from last week...Toast on the fire with a bit of music too!