The Sun Egg

posted 9 Jul 2021, 02:22 by Georgina Bradley
We started this week with another new and enchanting story...

A mysterious orange egg has fallen into the woods. "It's a sun egg!" declares the elf who finds it nestled on the forest floor. Soon she and her friends discover what it really is; but not before the sun egg is lost and little elf begins a wonderful adventure. 

We made our own sun eggs out of clay and then colour mixed to make zesty orange paint to decorate them. During the process, the children were fascinated with the clay and wanted to find out what would happen if we added water. An investigation began right away, all led by the children. 

The children also investigated paper-mache, making their own glue from flour and water, before covering a balloon to see what would happen. They also used hammers this week to smash some chalk found on the beach and observed how it changed and crumbled; what little scientists we have!

As always, lots of forest school fun has been had this week too.