The Tomten and the Fox

posted 5 Feb 2021, 08:59 by Georgina Bradley
This week the children have heard the wonderful story of the Tomten and the Fox. In the story, the Tomten (a troll who guards the farm animals at night) shares his porridge with a hungry fox - for Tomten's know that a fox can be hungry. The fox creeps silently through the snow at night on the hunt for chickens, but given the Tomten's kindness, agrees to fill his belly with warming porridge instead. 

We have made our own porridge on the camp fire this week which the children loved! They have also learnt the 'respect' position, which is how we kneel safely when we are close to the fire. 

The children have continued to play the forest school way...plenty of tree climbing, puddle splashing and snow fun.

Story telling and making porridge

Forest School and Snow Fun