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posted 29 Jan 2021, 04:51 by Lisa Wells
Frost,rain,mud and Bird watching.

Ice and snow 
A lovely start to the week. It was a beautiful frosty morning and there was still snow on the ground from the weekend. 
The children spotted the ideal snowy slope for sliding on and had a wonderful time sledging down it on their bottoms!
They also found huge lumps of ice, and used their senses to taste and feel it !
Ice bubble science learning.
The children made their own bubble wands using sticks and pipe cleaners. They were then shown how to make bubble mixture using washing up liquid and water. The children loved dipping the wands into the mixture and blowing them into the air. They also tried to make ice bubbles, if you blow your bubbles on to freezing surfaces or atmospheres they do freeze in mid air! 
Animal homes hunt . 
The children did so well recalling the story they had learnt last week, the Bears's Winter night, and remembered all the  different animals that had moved into the bears house. They then went on a hunt around the fields to see if they could find those animals houses;A chicken house, a squirrel dray, a hedgehogs leafy home and the pigs muddy bed. On the way back they had a play on the trees 
Some of the children also made a bug hotel using bricks, wooden pallets, slates and lots of leaves.

Playing in the rain.
We had a lovely morning, splashing in puddles, making potions, and sitting in the deepest and muddiest puddle that could found !
RSPB Big Bird Watch
The children made bird feeders and then went on a bird hunt trail armed with binoculars. We were lucky enough to see Redwings, Magpies and Jackdaws. We also sat very quietly and were able to hear lots of bird chatter and song. We think we heard our favourite bird, the robin.