Spring 2 Welcome Back

posted 26 Feb 2021, 04:48 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 26 Feb 2021, 04:50 ]

Welcome back. We’ve had a lovely week, welcoming our new starters and enjoying the warmer weather .

The children have been learning about the life of a seed. They listened to the story ‘It starts with a seed’ a book that teaches them how something 'a small seed can grow into tree, which is an incredibly big thing to be.'  

The children climbed on and under the trees and also made a den with its branches.

They have used the loppers to trim branches and make their own winter tree. They have made stepping stones, balanced on planks, made volcanoes and sunbathed!  On the very windy Wednesday the children made kites !


 Balancing and Making Volcanoes 

 Inside fun. Making winter trees 

Phonics fun, tapping out rhythm and moving to the music .

Planting bean seeds. We are going to watch the tidy seeds grow their roots and shoots and grow into something incredibly big 

Kites on a windy Wednesday