Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

posted 14 May 2021, 01:37 by Lisa Wells
Mud, rain and worms
This week the children listened to the story, 'Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt'.  The story explores the hidden world of the garden. UP in the garden there are green leaves, growing vegetables and ripening fruit, but, DOWN in the dirt there is a hidden busy world of earthworms, snakes, woodlice, moles and lots of other animals and insects that live in our gardens.

Earth worms
The children love to dig down in the dirt for earth worms, so we decided  to build a wormery. The children collected mud, and leaves, then dug deep for worms. We used a spotting sheet to see what type of worm they had found and then carefully placed them in the wormery. After such busyness the children pretended the new truck tyres were hot tubs.
 A day of 2 halves, sunshine then rain !
The children spent the morning enjoying the sunshine up in the garden, collecting blossom and leaves. Then the afternoon was spend down in the dirt and mud inspired by the rain.
A dry day and cleaning up the mud
After such a wet and muddy couple of days, the children put on their puddle suits and wellies to give the whole place a good old spring clean. The dirt and mud had got everywhere !