Week 3. Any Room for me?

posted 20 Nov 2020, 06:50 by Lisa Wells
This week the children learnt the story 'Any Room for me?'  It is about a woodcutter who goes out on a cold autumnal morning looking for fire wood. Whilst busy with his task he drops his mitten, although his dog barks at him to let him know he still doesn't realise . A mouse spots the mitten and decides it will be a lovely warm house for her. Slowly other woodland animals move in with the mouse too. Eventually the woodcutter realises he has dropped the mitten . He goes back with the dog running ahead . The dog sees the mitten and his barking is heard by all the animals. The animals all quickly come out and go back into the forest . The Woodcutter will never know what a lovely warm home his mitten had been!

 'Any room for me' character hunt.
The children searched around the nature garden and school fields for all the characters. It looks like Owl was helping too.
Making Hedgehog Houses. 
The children collected bricks and made hedgehog houses. They tried to make them as warm and cosy as the woodcutters mitten.
An animal trail was spotted coming under the fence, maybe its a hedgehogs ? 

Mark Making...inside and out.
The children use mud, chalk and paint to mark make.... who needs pencils!
Balancing fun
The children make their own see-saws.
Making Damper bread . 
We always love to cook on the fire. This week the children learnt how to make and cook damper bread .