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Our children’s creative development is nurtured throughout school not only in art lessons where specific skills and techniques are taught explicitly but also in opportunities presented by our creative curriculum, linked to other subjects.  Visit our Art Gallery

In Rec, Y1 and Y2 children are taught basic skills in painting, printing, drawing, sculpture and collage and are encouraged to practise their skills and explore ideas and techniques in each classroom’s creative area.  In addition, they are introduced to some of the work of famous artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso and have opportunities to experiment with their styles and techniques in their own work.  They also gain experience of working with textiles and using simple computer programs to create artwork.

In Key Stage 2 children work on developing and mastering skills and techniques through a wide range of activities.  For example, in Years 3 and 4, children explore the effects of sketching pencils in observational drawings of fruit and mini-beasts, using them to shade and add texture.  Year 5 classes work on techniques such as paper batik, printing and perspective. Year 6 children examine Islamic patterns as part of their work in R.E and design and create their own tile. Throughout the school children also examine the work of great artists such as Monet, William Morris and Lowry and use their themes and approaches as a springboard for their own work.

Sheffield Young Artists of the Year competition

Every year the school enters work into the competition and pieces are chosen to be displayed in an exhibition at Ponds Forge.  It’s a great opportunity for enthusiastic artists to have their work on show and their talent celebrated.  Prizes are awarded to some entries and everyone whose work is displayed receives a certificate.  Some pieces of work are also chosen from the exhibition to be shown at other events later in the year.   More information about this year’s competition will be communicated after the Christmas holidays.