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Design and Technology


"Our aim is develop creative and practical skills needed to perform everyday tasks confidently, to enable children to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world."

Food Technology: Cooking and Nutrition


Cooking is a key element of our curriculum. It is becoming increasingly important that children know the value of a healthy diet, and how to prepare fresh, healthy meals for themselves.  Each year group provides children with several food-related activities in , with the emphasis on children trying new foods and flavours where possible.

Since January 2017, our new 'Design and Technology Studio' has been up and running.  We are now able to prepare and cook food in a dedicated area, where the whole class can work at one time.  This has had a significant impact for the provision of D&T: resources are stored centrally; the space is available to be booked, ensuring no timetable clashes; and the purpose built work surfaces are at an appropriate height for primary-aged children.


The links below will take you to some examples of food technology activities.  These links clearly show the range of activities and recipes children are learning to cook, as well as the progression in skills children are developing as they move through school.

Y2 - Porridge

Y3/4 - Fairtrade Baking

FS - Porridge

FS - Porridge

Y6 - Caribbean Carnival

Y6 - Rice 'n' Peas, Salad and Ginger Beer

Y3/4 - Brazilian Stuffed Peppers

Y6 - Jerk Chicken and Banana Bread

Y2 - Costa Rican Gallo Pinto

Y6 - Thai Fried Rice

FS - Christmas Baking

FS - Chickpea Curry

Y5 - Soup making - part two

Y2 - Bonfire Cooking

Y1 - Hot-dog Relish

Y6 - WW2 Rations

FS - Gingerbread Men

Y6 - Cannon Hall: making own lunch

Y2 - Pizza making

Y1 - Healthy plates and fruit from around the world

Y5 - Soup making - part one


Textiles and Product Design

Design and Technology is taught through our creative curriculum. All design and technology tasks involve pupils designing and making a product for a particular person with a specific purpose in mind. Pupils are taught specific skills including cutting, shaping, joining and finishing techniques which they are then able to apply to complete their tasks. They are given the opportunity to develop their technical knowledge and are able to independently select and use a wide variety of materials and components. Pupils are given time to develop their ideas, plan, make, evaluate and refine their own products. Most topics have a D&T element and pupils are able to build and develop their skills  throughout school life.

Y1 Fish (click link for more info)

Y6 Bag Making (click link for more info)


Y5 Cushion Making (click link for more info)


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