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Since April 2013, Dore Primary has been carefully considering the changes that are taking place within the new Geography curriculum. We are currently ensuring that Geography is taught to our pupils with the richest, most relevant and exciting learning experiences as part of our Creative Curriculum. It is our aim to make these experiences as 'hands on' and real as possible. Please view our current Geography themes attached below for more detail.


Each Spring 1 term we link with the Fairtrade Foundation’s ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ for our school’s ‘One World Week’ The week aims to raise the children’s awareness of themselves as ‘Global Citizens’ with a particular focus on ‘Fairtrade’ and ‘Sustainable development’ (KS2).

During the week the children learn about different aspects of Fairtrade and contribute towards ‘Fairtrade’ cafes being run by KS2 pupils. Money raised by Fairtrade cafes is donated to the Fairtrade Innovation Fund, Action Aid and the charity ‘Send a Cow’. This year the ‘Fantastic Fairtraders’ set a challenge across the school to design a new Fairtrade Logo – just for Dore Primary!




See year group pages and NEWS for more evidence of the great learning in Geography throughout the school…


Julie Davison,
17 Dec 2015, 08:12