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Since the new Primary Curriculum was launched in September 2014, ICT has been known as Computing.  The new curriculum now expects children to not only know how to use computers but also develop Computational Thinking skills: to understand how computers "think" and be able to give explicit instructions moving on to taking first steps in programming.

Hour of Code
This is an international event aimed at boosting the visibility of Computing and coding in schools.  During the hour, children will use software or will do sessions away from the computer ("unplugged" computing) that the children hopefully find fun and engaging.  It is hoped that more and more children will want to take computing into their future education and careers.  Here are some photos of what we did in the Hour of Code 2016, during Computer Science Week in December.


Celebration Assembly - Computing

Here are some photos from our Computing themed celebration assemblies in KS1 and KS2:


 Foundation Stage have been having a tech fortnight! They have been dismantling old PCs, making their own junk models of computers and robots and beginning to program using Beebots!
In Year 1, children have been using Purple Mash to create word processed documents, with images added.  After that they self-assessed their achievements.  They have also been working on independence with computers, logging on themselves and opening and saving work.   
Year 2 were also using Purple Mash - this time 2Go.  Children can either control or program the "sprite" on screen to navigate the maps. 


Y5 have been making algorithms for different situations.

Our children are naturally encouraged to choose their own ways of presenting their learning and Dore pupils regularly opt for showing their skills in Computing across a wide range of applications and mediums.  For example here you can hear Y6 WW2 podcasts.

Our resources
  • Six sets of 16 laptop computers, situated throughout school. 
  • 32 iPads
  • 16 Lego WeDo 2.0 sets.
  • 16 Lego Ev3 sets.
  • Small banks of PCs in classrooms.
  • 10 digital webcams for animation work.  
  • Beebots, programmable robots which allow children to take their first steps in programming.  
  • Probots, similar to Beebots but with more complex instructions possible.
We're very grateful to Dore Parents Association for their huge investment in equipment for our children to use.  Thanks also to the Arconic Foundation who granted us funds for our Lego Education sets and the bulk of the cost for our iPads. 
Learning Platform
Dore Primary School subscribes to the Purple Mash learning platform.  The children have all been given login details for these and there are a raft of activities from designing 3D webs for making cars and trucks to art and maths activities.  It is possible to save work at home on each child's class page that their teachers' can then see at school.  Let them know if you do anything you're particularly proud of!

Online Safety
Each class takes part in Safer Internet Day each February and it is another opportunity to discuss safety online with your children.  The majority of learning about online safety takes place in PSHE as the main lessons to learn are about behaviour rather than technology. Please see our Online Safety page for places you can go for advice online.

We have  a Twitter feed for school.  Many parents already follow us for updates.  You can find us @doreprimary or you can see the feed below. 

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