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Merit Stamps and other rewards

Merit Stamps

Merit stamps are awarded to children when they are make clear progress towards some of their personal targets. certificates from Bronze through to Platinum are awarded when children achieve a significant number of Merits.

Headteacher Award 

These certificates are awarded to a child when they complete an exceptional piece of work or project or improvement in class or when they complete a significant piece of Learning at Home

Endeavour Award

This is linked into the motto; I will listen, think hard, work, learn and make the most of ALL my abilities. Each week one child in each class who has demonstrated real endeavour takes home a small trophy. We recognise that this could well apply to more than one child. Each teacher keeps a record of the awards given so that there can be a balance of distribution and encouragement. Thank you for returning this trophy to school on Monday morning so that it can be awarded again. This trophy may be awarded more than once in a school year.

Citizenship Award

Each term we have great pleasure in presenting our Dore Primary School Awards for Citizenship. This links in to several of our mottos; We seek to ENABLE others and to INCLUDE people of all abilities in our school and in our lives; Live the Values and be a caring and responsible global citizen; I CAN make a difference. TOGETHER we can make a difference; We CHOOSE RESPECT.

These awards are given to one child in each year group in honour of their positive, sensitive and helpful interaction with others in the individual sense, but also in the way that they involve themselves cooperatively and responsibly in the wider life of the school, helping to build a harmonious and caring ethos. The Citizenship Awards are made at the end of each term. The recipients will be recorded in a roll of honour and this award, unlike the weekly Endeavour Awards can only be gained once during a child's time at the school.

Sarah Drazek,
3 Mar 2012, 10:56