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Modern Foreign Languages

Every child across the school receives regular lessons in Modern Foreign Languages. The current focus is French but the children have opportunities to learn Spanish, Slovenian and German from our language students in school.
Language Assistant
Previously we have had language assistants from Switzerland, France, Germany and Slovenia. They work with small groups, delivering their target language through songs, games and activities. They also get involved in extra-curricula activities such as Language club.
Language Club
Working together to tell a story in French and English.
Students and Work Experience
We regularly host students from overseas, for example Spain, France and Germany. These students come to our school to work with all year groups and to see the similarities and differences between our education systems. We also like the students to deliver CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), by teaching topic work in a different language.
Overseas Link
Through our language assistant, Y5 have made pen pals in France. Below are two of the letters we sent to France.
We continue to develop the Modern Foreign Languages curriculum and we are currently using a very successful 'ilanguages' scheme of work. Wherever possible, we fit languages into the creative curriculum, for example Y3 learn the words for fruits and vegetables in French as part of their healthy eating topic.
Examples of work
Below are some examples of French work.