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PE and Sport

In July 2017 Dore Primary School was again awarded the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD Kitemark, in recognition of the school's commitment to PE and sport.  Our school has enhanced provision as a direct result of the Government PE & Sport additional funding grant (2016-17 report).

Dore Primary School was identified in January 2014 as a best practice school and made a national ministerial case study by the DfE Policies Department for utilisation of the PE and Sport government funding. In October 2014 we were re-designated as a best practice ministerial case-study by the DfE.

The school is fortunate to have magnificent grounds and 2 good size halls in which to enjoy our PE and sport, which is a strength of the school, both as part of the curriculum and in extended learning opportunities.  The children have many opportunities to learn new physical skills and games and to take part in sports festivals and also competitive sports. DPS are very active members of the Forge Sports Partnership and Sheffield Federation of School Sport collaborating with our local schools and enjoying many opportunities to enjoy learning and tournaments together.  The school competes regularly in cross country, athletics in winter and summer, football, cricket, gymnastics, trampolining, badminton, basketball, rounders, handball, swimming, orienteering, biathlon and triathlon. 
The Government Premium in 2016-2017 was spent on a wide range of extras: 1 afternoon extra gymnastics / athletics / games tuition per week throughout the year spread YR-Y6 (CPD for staff); 1 afternoon extra dance tuition throughout the year spread YR-Y6; new PE equipment; membership of Forge Sports Partnership and of Sheffield Federation for School Sport; CPD funding for staff training for PE; extra resources for sport including sports equipment for lunchtimes. See FULL report of last year's spending in files below.

Read about our use of the PE Premium in this Daily Telegraph article!

Sporting Links:
Click on the links below (arranged chronologically - most recent at top) to find out more about specific activities and events that have taken place during 2016-17:

Infant Key Steps Competition
Y4 Hotshots Basketball
Y2 Mini-Olympics
Y2 Sports-Hall Athletics
Y6 Sports-Hall Athletics (unable to attend - school closed unexpectedly)
Y5/6 Girls' Football

See the bottom of this page for links to sporting events from previous academic years.  

PE Lessons
We have a broad and balanced PE curriculum, with an emphasis on developing: motor skills and coordination; teamwork and cooperation; competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. Children are encouraged to develop their health and fitness and gain a life-long love of many forms of physical exercise.  Two hours of curriculum time are dedicated to PE lessons each week across all year groups.  These lessons cover aspects of athletics, dance, gymnastics, and team games.  Children take part in many outdoor and adventurous activities whilst at Dore, both in PE lessons and during special events and residentials.  An overview of our curriculum can be found in the documents section below.


Children in Y4 have swimming lessons booked through Sheffield LA. Each class travels to the pool by coach for their lessons.  The children are grouped according to swimming ability. Dore staff support trained swimming teachers and the children work towards the National Curriculum expectations for swimming and then beyond to develop further swimming skills and water safety practice and understanding. The children have the opportunity to gain the ASA Water Skills Level Award and also at the end of the programme can show their skills in a long distance swim to gain a distance award.


Inter-School Competition
Our children are able to take part in great many different sporting events each year.  Many of these are hosted by the Forge Sports Partnership; some by the Sheffield Federation for School Sports.  Many of these competitions form part of the Sainsbury's School Games programme.

In recent years we have been Y5 Girls'  and Y5 Boys' Sheffield Kwik Cricket Champions and Yorkshire finalists several times; had children compete in the national finals of orienteering, squash and biathlon; had many children play at county level in badminton; represented Sheffield in the South Yorkshire Gymnastics Finals; and been invited to the national finals for rounders.

During their time at Dore Primary, EVERY child is given the opportunity to represent the school in at least one sporting competition, should they wish to.  Almost every child chooses to take up this opportunity.
 Key Steps Gymnasts
Sheffield City Champion - U.11 Trampoline
 Y3/4 Girls' Futsal Team

Intra-School Competition
The Wileman Cup, named after a former headteacher, is our annual intra-school football competition.  It has been running for well over 25 years.  Boys and Girls from Y4-Y6  are mixed into teams named after local roads, and play two mini-leagues during lunchtimes.  The top two teams from each league then go on to play semi-finals.  The event culminates with a cup final, watched by the whole school.  Trophies are presented by the Queen herself!

Within year groups, children are also regularly split into small teams to play competitive games as a culmination of units of work.

Sports Day
Our annual sports day has followed a theme for several years.  The theme for 2017 was 'Made in Sheffield,' with the seven zones being named after famous Sheffield sports-people and sports associated with Sheffield.


Our first whole-school Sports Day was In 2012, when we hosted the 'Dorelympics', linking with the London Olympics.  In 2013 the theme was  a 'Steel City Games', coinciding with 100 years of stainless steel in Sheffield.  2014's theme was 'Bienvenue a Sheffield', as the Tour de France was passing through Sheffield.  Summer 2015 saw the 'TEAM Dore Games', in honour of retiring headteacher Mrs Hopkinson.  

These days are inclusive, multi-sport events, where children take part in every activity on offer.  Activities normally include, dance, athletics - throwing, jumping and running, orienteering, ball sports, team-building and problem solving.  Children are split into teams, and have coloured t shirts to denote which team they belong to.  Y5 & Y6 children lead many of the activities, and older children are encouraged to help younger members of their team.  We have an opening and closing ceremony, and the sight of 450+ children wearing bright shirts, parading and taking part in sport, all at the same time, is quite a spectacle.

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