Lunch Time

The introduction of Free School Meals for all children in F2, Y1 and Y2 in September 2014 proved to be a huge success and the vast majority of our Infant pupils enjoyed the high quality free school meals that they are entitled to. Seating was extended along with resources and facilities to serve from a second point in the hall for KS2 children. Halal meals continue to be served from the original servery in the dining-room. Children are able to choose to sit with friends from other year groups and who have packed lunches.

It is important that parents whose income entitles the family to Free School Meals still apply for this benefit which will then bring Pupil Premium into the school budget for individual children. Pupil Premium pays for school trips, homework books, some clubs and subsidises residentials.

The School Lunch Hour

The school lunch time is from 12.00 noon to 1.10pm for the whole school.

You are very welcome to collect your child from the main office if you would like them to come home during the lunch period.

We have facilities in school for the children who bring a packed lunch from home to sit with the children who are eating a school dinner so that your child's preference for lunch is not affected by friendship or play issues.

We also operate a family style service where children from both Infant and Juniors attend together, children are able to choose to sit wherever there are spaces.

Children from Reception are among the first to eat dinner each day at 12.00 noon.

All other year groups take turns to have an earlier dinner following a carefully worked out dinner rota.
Every child has a turn at eating early and at being nearer the end of the eating period which is usually drawing to a close at 12.40pm.

Children who need an early dinner because of a lunchtime activity can ask for an early pass. We offer a halal main course choice. Please contact us if you wish to sign for your child to receive these meals or the vegetarian option.

School Dinners

School dinners are provided by Taylor Shaw through a contract with the Local Authority. Taylor Shaw were the National Award Winners for school caterers in 2012-2013. Dore Primary School won won the School Caterers of the Year award in 2011-2012 rewarding the hard work of our kitchen staff and the high quality service and food on offer.

During registration at 8.45am children select the main meal they wish to eat and take and wear the corresponding colour band to match the colour coded menu. There is a colour for a school packed lunch and in addition the children write their names and sandwich choice. The lunch is served in a bag and may be taken to the picnic tables outside in warm seasons.  The colour banding system is highly effective in providing the meal your child chooses to have as food is cooked to the morning order.

School dinners are booked and paid for in advance each month, if payment for school dinners is difficult for you, please contact us to make an arrangement to pay 2 weeks in advance.

Once chosen, dinner options stand for the whole half-term. A child may stay only 1 or 2 days each week but during the half-term this sticks to a regular pattern. We are strongly encouraging parents to book children in for dinners every day as this will further enhance the standards and options alongside broadening the healthy eating and taste experience for your child. See the latest menu selection in letters and information.


As an Enhanced Healthy School we strongly encourage all our children to choose healthy eating options and have high expectations that packed lunch foods and drink from home will be carefully selected in keeping with our policy. A packed lunch may be ordered as part of the school dinner offer.

Pupil support

Our Lunch Bunch Team and Young Leaders Playground Care Team care for our younger children during the lunch time break. These older children receive training to help Infant children up to the Dining Room and back and to support them in the playground.


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