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Dore Primary School is a LEAD school in Sheffield for Behaviour and Safety and anti-bullying. We have contributed many presentations to conferences both locally and wider afield including the National PSHE and Stonewall Conferences. Currently we are running workshops for other schools and Sheffield agencies entitled 'Emotional Well-being, Safety and Learning Engagement.'  Please contact the Deputy Headteacher if you would like to book a place for your school or organisation -  deputyhead@dore.sheffield.sch.uk  The school is also a Stonewall case-study in a publication about tackling homophobic language. In 2014 Dore PS was the first Primary School to gain the LGBT Charter Mark and this award was presented by Councillor Jackie Drayton.

We have detailed systems of recording behavioural incidents and also notes of Children of Concern. This enables the school to track vulnerable children and perpetrators of incidents offering support so that changes can be made.  We also look for patterns of behaviour and address any issues that arise. Our incident records show: the nature of incident; where it happened; inappropriate or derogatory language which may have been used, whether the incident is bullying, homophobic, racist; whether there was fall-out, teasing, taunting or rough play; actions and follow-up. Children are involved with this recording so that individuals can see how seriously we take and act upon inappropriate behaviour which includes the use of inappropriate or derogatory language.

We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting School and were the first primary school in the country to go straight to the highest level 2 at first assessment.  The award was presented in school by the UNICEF UK director and Nick Clegg and our work was featured on the UNICEF website.

Our school mottos: "There is no such thing as an innocent bystander", "We CHOOSE Respect", "We seek to enable others and to include people of all abilities in our school and in our lives", "LIVE the Values and be a caring and responsible Global Citizen", "We EMPOWER others", are key to supporting the strong whole school ethos along with our school VALUES.

Each year we conduct the Every Child Matters Survey and also conduct an individual questionnaire to pupils about their well-being and safety during our annual and national anti-bullying week during November.  'Bullying Matters' is a key feature of our whole school ethos. Our Anti-bullying policy is reviewed annually and shared with the children.

We run a Young Leaders Playground Care Team and some of our older children are trained to help out in the playgrounds befriending and helping to spot any problems or lonesomeness.  We have Friendship Benches to give a child a safe haven and to alert our playground team to someone feeling sad :(    We also operate a DAILY 'Place to Chat'  12.30 - 1 p.m. This is situated in the Bubble Room in KS2 (our small sensory and Inclusion room) and is operated by a volunteer team of trained teaching assistants who are there to chat to any  child who is anxious about something or needs help.  Our Midday Supervisors also receive regular training sessions where Bullying Matters is a point of discussion.

In our large school we have a very strong trained Safeguarding team and ALL staff receive annual top-up training.

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