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A Place to chat

EVERY DAY 12:30 - 1:00pm

  • A Place to chat is a service set up to give a safe haven for children to come and share anxieties.
  • Run by volunteer TAs, it is for individual children and not for groups - a child may bring a chosen friend for support - but it is not for playground squabbles.
  • All 'chats' are logged and if there are safeguarding concerns relevant staff are notified.
  • It is very much a listening post and many times the opportunity to share and to be listened to is a tremendous boost and allows the child to deal with a situation and/or move forward.  
  • As a safe haven some children may call in for a 2 minute catch up following the initial chat, this is okay but after reassurance is given, children will be encouraged to go back to the playground.  It is not intended as a retreat and escape from the playground but rather it deals with present issues. 
  • If Place to chat is not open when you visit you can always leave a note in the worry box which is checked every day.  An adult will then find you and arrange a time to chat.