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Foundation Stage - Reception Year

Welcome to the Foundation Stage (FS2)

Please see our Online Learning Journey here.

The FS2 Team

The Foundation Stage Lead for Dore Primary School is Miss Bradley.

The FS2 teachers are Miss Leeland and Mr Smith.


Our teaching assistants are Mrs Breen, Mrs Russell, and Miss Henstock.

Video for new parents
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What does Foundation Stage look like at Dore Primary?

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outdoors. These areas are called the Characteristics of Learning and will be observed by the FS2 team as your child explores and engages with activities in our setting. Your child will also be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through seven areas of learning and development:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
This area of learning helps children to feel good about themselves and others, so they are able to develop positive relationships. It supports them in becoming independent, excited and motivated learners.

Communication and Language          
This area of learning helps develop children’s ability to listen and pay attention. It helps develop their understanding, and also speaking skills.

Physical Development

Making progress in physical development gives children confidence, control & co-ordination, and enables them to feel the benefits of being healthy and active.

These three prime areas are the most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning and will help them to develop in the four specific areas.


To support children in their early reading and writing they are encouraged to mark make, enjoy stories, books and rhymes and link sounds and letters.


This develops mathematical understanding through stories, games, everyday activities and imaginative play. It helps children to enjoy experimenting and becoming confident and curious about: numbers, shapes, patterns and measures.

Understanding the World

In this area of learning, children develop knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. It has links to ICT, science, geography, history, and design technology.

Expressive Arts & Design

This area of learning includes: art, music, dance, drama and imaginative play giving opportunities for children to try new experiences and express themselves in a variety of ways.

A 'typical 'day in FS2

Although every day is different, a 'typical' day in FS2 will involve a focus task with a teacher where key skills described above will be developed. These tasks will be personalised to meet the needs of your child. There will also be a daily phonics session (the teaching and learning of new letter sounds and tricky words), as well as a mental and oral maths session. When not engaged in a focused task with a teacher, children will access different areas inside and outside of the classroom and learn through play. The provision is carefully planned to suit the interests of the cohort and tweaked depending on where the children's interest are to maximise potential learning opportunities. Please take a look at our online learning journey where you will get a flavour of learning activities at Dore Primary.

Our Half-Termly Topics 
Autumn 1 - All About Me
Our first term is all about getting to know you! As new children to the school, we will be developing our personal, social and emotional skills by making positive, new relationships with each other and learning the routines of the school. We will develop our communication and language skills through the story of Three Three Little Pigs, where we will share photographs and stories of our own homes and talk about our families and people who are special to us. We will discuss what makes us special and things that we like doing. By learning the story of The Gingerbread Man, we will talk about ourselves in positive terms and what we can do. We will begin daily phonics sessions, starting with phase 2, enabling us to learn pure letter sounds and some simple words.

Autumn 2 - Let's Celebrate

We will be exploring and discussing different people, communities and cultures through our Diwali and Christmas celebrations this term. As amateur dramatics we will embark on the retelling of Rama and Sita, The Diwali Story of Light. We will put our creative skills to the test as we make props and masks for our drama. We will explore music from different cultures and respond through movement and dance. We will become artists and mathematicians as we create symmetrical rangoli patterns to bring colour and luck to our classroom. The celebrations continue into Christmas where our classroom becomes decorated with fabulous craft and creativity.
In phonics we will be starting phase 3 which includes blended phonemes such as 'sh' and 'ch'. 

Spring 1 - We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Enthused by this fantastic story, we will become geographers as our bear hunt continues around the world. We apply our phonics to record a list of essentials we would need to take with us and get our binoculars at the ready as we spot bears and record our sightings. Depending on when Chinese New Year begins, this is often a time when we have another reason to celebrate! Children will become performers as they make, create and parade a giant Chinese dragon around the hall. We will learn ordinal numbers through the Chinese New Year animal race story. As we enter a new year we will also take time to reflect on ourselves as individuals and how we treat others, inspired by the story of The Rainbow Fish. We will also begin to think about how we might use and develop our skills as we grow up as we dream about what we would like to become.

Spring 2 - How Does Your Garden Grow?
This term we become scientists, as Billy Brain Cell challenges us to develop our knowledge and understanding of life processes and the world around us. Through the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we learn about life-cycles and create split-pin wheels to demonstrate this. We continue to thrive as artists as we make colourful symmetrical butterflies, flourishing flower fine art and Matisse inspired snail pictures.  We will visit the Tropical Butterfly House to learn about minibeasts and how animals are classified.  As mathematicians we will learn how to tally to record what our friends like to eat and from this data, we will discuss and design a healthy meal. Not only this but we also become story tellers as we learn Jasper's Beanstalk off by heart using creative, hand-drawn story maps, along with Jack and the Beanstalk where our imaginations run wild, designing and describing what kind of giant we would like to meet at the top of the beanstalk.
In phonics we will be starting phase 4 which includes blended consonants like 'br' and 'pl'.

Summer 1 - Down on the Farm

Get your overalls ready...this term is all about getting mucky on the farm as our outdoor area transforms into a farmyard. Feed the animals, milk the cow, stack the milk crates and jump on the tractor! As inquisitive farmers, our children will learn about the importance of looking after animals and continue to discuss and understand life-cycles. They will be immersed in the story of The Little Red Hen. This experience enables us to become story tellers once more as we create a class story book.

Summer 2 - Pirates

Ship ahoy! As the classroom transforms into a pirate ship, expect to see handmade telescopes, eye patches, hats, hooks, belts and swords as the children become pirates and get creative to enhance their play. We explore endless pirate adventures inspiring us to write our own, action packed stories. As geographers, we will make our own maps and challenge our friends to find the treasure. This is also a very important half-term as we start to think about transition and the journey into Year 1. We will start by welcoming next year's new Foundation classes, and introducing them to our school, and some of our favourite activities. Later on we will visit the Year 1 Base, and meet our new teachers.

We hope that your child has a fantastic year with us in the Foundation Stage!

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