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Foundation Learning Journey

Down on the Farm

posted 25 May 2018, 08:56 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 25 May 2018, 08:57 ]

How quickly has the half term gone!  We've had a ball with our topic this half term.  We've been busy with lots of adult led tasks and ones that the children have chosen for themselves in the provision.  

  • We've had a stable set up outside with lots of farm animals to look after.
  • A classroom role play inside.
  • Writing tasks including farm booklets and Farmer Duck activities.
  • Maths activities including adding up amounts of money and comparing weight.
  • Circle Times with Mrs Russell including parachute games outside and role play of the Farmer Duck story.
Please see below for some photos, more to be added.  We hope you enjoy a well deserved half term break and we'll see you back on Monday 4th June.

Next up will be our Princesses and Pirates theme - ARRRRRR!


Whirlow Adventure!

posted 30 Apr 2018, 08:32 by Matthew Smith

We hope everyone has enjoyed the first two weeks back after Easter!  

The highlight had to be our visit to Whirlow Farm.  It was a whirl-ow of animals, machines, stories and exotic smells.  The children were fantastic and we were so proud of how they represented Dore Primary on their first official school outing.  We had some lovely feedback from the volunteers at Whirlow.

The day was split into two parts.  Mr Smith's class spent the morning touring the farm, seeing chickens, sheep, rabbits, ponies and goats.  They also learned lots about what they saw from our knowledgeable guides.  For instance, did you know that if a horse has to be at least 14 hands 2 inches tall to be classed as a horse?  Otherwise it's a pony. 

Miss Bradley's class acted out the Little Red Hen story.  This involved lots of walking around the farm, having a go at all the tasks that Little Red Hen had to do in the story before finally having a go at kneading some dough and making their own cottage loaves!  There was even a chance to sample some freshly baked bread afterwards.  I think we could all see why Little Red Hen found it such hard work!  

In the afternoon the classes swapped over.  By the end of the day we had a tired but happy cohort who had largely avoided getting drenched or caked in mud.  

We have a huge thanks to make to all our parent volunteers.  Literally we cannot do these visits without lots of adult help.  Thanks also to those who offered help but we were unable to invite.  Miss Walker gave up one of her days to come and help out which we much appreciate.  

Have a look at our photos below.  Next time you head to Whirlow as a family we hope you're bombarded with facts from your children as you go round!  

Music - Boomwhackers!

posted 17 Apr 2018, 07:25 by Kathryn Davis

We've been having great fun playing and copying rhythms using Boomwhackers.

Hungry Caterpillars!

posted 27 Mar 2018, 07:53 by Matthew Smith

Sorry for the delay getting the photos out this week!

We had a lovely fortnight as we welcomed back Miss Snape for her second teaching practice in Miss Bradley's class.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Miss Walker, who completed her teaching practice in Mr Smith's class on Friday.  We are very grateful to Miss Walker for all her hard work and dedication.  Everyone wishes her the very best for the future!

We've been trying our best to get spring like, despite the weather outside, with our theme of the Hungry Caterpillar.  We've obviously looked at the story and done some drama with Mrs Russell.  In maths we have been looking at doubling and halving!  We also discussed what constitutes healthy foods and made some "healthy plates".  Dressing up for Sport Relief was a fun way to end the fortnight.

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

posted 12 Mar 2018, 07:59 by Matthew Smith

We've had a lot of fun over the past fortnight as we explored our mini topic of Jack and the Beanstalk and Jasper's Beanstalk.

We had the added excitement of World Book Day on Friday, moved due to snow.  The children dressed up brilliantly, we watched some drama from Y6 and had a reading swap and some playtime with two junior classes.

Unfortunately the snow has had it's impact during the first week back after the holidays but we hope the following photos give some flavour of what has been happening!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

posted 16 Feb 2018, 09:21 by Matthew Smith

...or we wish you "peace and prosperity" in the year of the dog!

Yes, we've been learning about Chinese New Year over the past fortnight.  We started with a craft morning which included some videos about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated in the UK.  The children have had a Chinese New Year flavour to many of their focus tasks and opportunities in the provision this past two weeks.  We have really enjoyed it and we hope you all have a fantastic half term.  We'll see you back a week on Monday.

We had a fun circle time led by Mrs Russell.  Here's a video of our Chinese Dragon Dance!

Chinese New Year FS2.mp4

Here are some photos to give a flavour of the past fortnight.  Thanks for all the egg boxes!



We went on a bear hunt

posted 5 Feb 2018, 12:24 by Matthew Smith

Over the last fortnight, Foundation have been exploring the story of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  Some of our activities have included:
  • Literacy - onomatopaeia in the story and using our segmenting skills to write some of them.  Searching for bears in our classroom and writing high frequency words or segmenting the names of types of bears.
  • Maths - Addition chilli challenges.
  • Story maps of Bear Hunt.
  • Using Beebots to plot the path of the story.
We're very grateful to Sammy's Mum who came along to share with us what she does in her role as a physiotherapist.

We hope you enjoy the photos below!

Over the next fortnight we will be exploring Chinese New Year.  It will then be half term, so more to come then on our blog.




People Who Help Us Week

posted 22 Jan 2018, 09:06 by Matthew Smith

Over the last week we looked at different professions and thought about people who help us and how we might recognise them.

On Friday we had a Big Me day and children came dressed up as who they wanted to be when they are older.  A huge thanks to all parents in FS2 for all their hard work getting costumes organised, they looked great!

In Literacy we wrote about what we want to be when we grow up.  

In Maths we started looking at money and beginning to recognise UK coins. 

In computing we took photos of ourselves using webcams and used Purple Mash to put them into pictures of different occupations. 

Here's some photos below:


Welcome Back!

posted 15 Jan 2018, 09:03 by Matthew Smith

Our first post of 2018 and Mr Smith is yet to write "2017" on any books...we say "yet".

During our first week back we had a "Kindness" focus that we will be continuing in the background throughout the year.  Each class has had a set of scales which we have been filling with names of children who have done a kind deed to us during the day.  We really want the children to know why kindness is important and understand the positive impact so children need to tell us why they have given their friend a kindness block.  

We have looked at stories with a kindness focus such as Sharing a Shell and the Smartest Giant in Town and also read and listened to the Rainbow Fish and collaged a scale for a big Rainbow Fish display.  We have discussed kindness and what a good friend is and written a kindness pledge where we promise to do something that is kind.

We hope you have enjoyed 2018 so far and it is an enjoyable year for all!

Here are some pictures from the base over the last week.  

Shared Reading

posted 19 Dec 2017, 04:19 by Kathryn Davis

We loved it when the Y4/5s came to read with us!


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