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Foundation Learning Journey

Week 5 Collecting bird watch data and bar charts

posted 7 Feb 2019, 08:38 by Lisa Wells

This week the children had to find pictures of birds hidden around the playground. On each bird was the amount of birds we saw as a class when participating in the RSPB Bird watch.
They then used this data to make a bar chart using natural resources and chalks. It was very tricky maths but we all did really well.

Outdoor Learning Week 4 . ICE!!

posted 1 Feb 2019, 00:47 by Lisa Wells

Well what a very cold and icy week we've had. I love the resilience of the children in FS2, they always wrap up warm and
 there's never any complaints as we leave our cosy classroom and venture into the minus temperatures outside !
This week the children had to hunt for treasure that was hidden around the playground. But, OH! MY! the treasure was frozen, how were the children going to get it out of the ice. The children had to think like scientists.
We used different 'sunstances' to see if its properties would melt the ice.
The children first tried bicarbonate of soda, this worked very well to bake ginger bread men but will it work with ice!
We then tried flour, and also salt. We thought about salt and how its sprinkled around school to stop the paths freezing. We also talked about the big gritting lorries, however we realised that the salt we were using was the type we used for our chips so maybe it didnt have the same properties. We then tried cold water, this melted the ice a little bit but we thought that maybe it needed to be warmer as we knew that the warm sun melted snow and ice. The warm water was much more successful, especially  on Wednesday when the warm sun was helping to melt it as well.
The children learnt that ice wasn't made of snow but infact was made of water and to melt it they needed a substance that was warm or it needed to be left in a warm place, like the water tray in the classroom. The children will be making thier own ice before the end of this term to test out their theories.

Outdoor Learning Week 3 . RSPB bird watch, Bird feeders and Birds.It was a very cold a snowy morning, the children were so resilient. They wrapped up in hats, gloves and scarves and we had a lovely morning.

posted 24 Jan 2019, 02:45 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 24 Jan 2019, 03:17 ]

This week the children were learning about the birds that live in their local environment. The children had 2 activities . 
Activity one:
They found pictures of common garden birds hidden around the playground then matched them up with the bird names.
Activity two:
The children made bird feeders. They threaded the string through a hole in their container, then filled the mixing bowl with mixed bird feed. We talked about the different seeds and how it felt when we put our hands in the bowl. The children then stirred in the lard and Mrs Wells gave it a good mix with her hands, YUK ! The children then carefully spooned the mixture  into their containers. 
Hopefully lots of the children will take part in the RSPB Big Bird watch this week and I look forward to seeing their spotting sheets next week.

Outdoor learning week 2. The Giving Tree.

posted 16 Jan 2019, 09:02 by Lisa Wells

This week the children have continued to think about kindness. Today the children decorated the twigs they had collected last week. They then used them to create  their own 'giving tree' and made apples and leaves as they wanted to give something back to the tree. It was their way of saying thank you to the tree for all she had given the boy in the story.

Outdoor learning Spring 1 week 1.

posted 9 Jan 2019, 08:15 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 10 Jan 2019, 04:35 ]

Over the next couple of weeks the children are learning about trees. How they grow, why they are important and their structure. I am linking their learning to the learning they are doing in class around kindness.
We looked at a tree outside and identified branches, the trunk and roots; we also talked about how trees get their water, why they lose their leaves and the connection with less day light.
The children listened to a story called The giving tree by Shel Silverstein.
Next week they are going make their own  'giving tree' display using branches, and make things to hang onto the tree, so they can give 'something back' to their tree .
We then went to Kingscroft to find some branches we could use for our display, we also looked at the different types in trees in the croft.

Christmas Time in FS2

posted 21 Dec 2018, 06:22 by Matthew Smith

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks we've had!  There's been:

  • Christmas performances
  • Christmas parties
  • Christmas Focus morning
It's no wonder everyone is ready for a break! Christmas is a wonderful time to be in a school and this year has been no exception.

Staff are bowled over by everyone's generosity with gifts and we're very grateful to parents and children for working so hard with us over the past few weeks.  

Congratulations to all the children on completing their first term of school!

We wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas.

See you in 2019!

Christmas Focus Morning

posted 21 Dec 2018, 06:11 by Matthew Smith

A huge thank you to all the parents that supported our Christmas Focus Morning yesterday.  We were impressed with the quality of the children's work and the kidness and patience of the adults that came to help.  Here's some pictures of the day.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tech Week

posted 16 Dec 2018, 10:43 by Matthew Smith

During the first week of December, we had a technology focus week.  The aim of the week was to think about technology we use at home, how it gets its energy and to understand that computers are made by people and have lots of components inside that make them work.  The children took apart real computers in the classroom with screwdrivers and found the CPU and other parts of the computers.  They also made some laptops using card and paper and had the opportunity to make robots and other technology in the art room.

We'll have some photos of the final two weeks of term soon.  We hope everyone enjoys the last week's events!


posted 10 Dec 2018, 13:41 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 10 Dec 2018, 13:42 ]

We spent the last two weeks of November learning about Diwali.  We had a great day making props for our drama of the story of Rama and Sita, made chickpea curry - which most children said they enjoyed - and looked at what Rangoli patterns could teach us in Maths.  We were very grateful to Ajay Raithatha who came in to speak to the children about Diwali and how his family celebrate.

"Can't believe how dark it is!"

posted 16 Nov 2018, 09:16 by Matthew Smith

The title of this post is a phrase you will often hear in the FS2 base at the end of the day!  It's getting darker for longer and everyone returned to school with exciting news about bonfires and firework displays.

We've also had a fire safety talk from Mr Willett (see news item from the main page), made some lovely bonfire art and fire safety posters, listened to and wrote about Owl Babies and had some more fun outdoors.  

Here are some photos from the last fortnight.  Have a great weekend!


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