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Foundation Learning Journey

Owl Babies and Technology

posted 6 Dec 2019, 08:24 by Matthew Smith   [ updated ]

It's been another busy fortnight in FS2 - advent has started of course and thoughts are turning towards end of term events and activities.  Over the next two weeks we will be looking at Christmas and in particular the Nativity story.

The week before last we read the Owl Babies story and looked at some non-fiction work alongside, learning about the term "nocturnal" and writing a fact about a nocturnal animal. In maths we have been focussing on addition and gaining confidence with counting on from different numbers.

This week we started to look at technology and the children went on a "tech hunt" around the infant half of school - looking for technology that uses electrical energy to work and thinking about whether they need mains power or battery power to work.  The children have also been dismantling an old computer and taking out the pieces.  The aim of this is to demystify the computer a little and to make it clear that humans have made and designed computers and they do as they are programmed to - well they should at least!  We made our own "laptops" too, with a lift up keyboard to display some of the main components in a computer.  

The children have started making their first forays into Lego Robotics!  We guided them through a strater activity which involved following instructions to build a "snail" and then writing a short piece of code to determine how the LED behaves.

Please continue to keep a close eye on information from school - there's lots of events coming up and we want everyone to feel welcome and participate as much as possible.  We hope that everyone enjoys a busy but enjoyable fortnight to come.

Diwali fortnight

posted 22 Nov 2019, 08:44 by Matthew Smith

We've had a great two weeks looking at Diwali!

We were very grateful to Mrs Knight who came to speak to the children about Diwali - thank you!

We have explored the story of Rama and Sita by doing a Big Drama - making our own props and then acting out the story in the hall.  

In Maths we have worked on ordering numbers to 20 and the symmetry of Rangoli patterns.

We made a chickpea curry (in Miss Bradley's class) and potato curry (in Mr Smith's).

We have also started learning the songs for or Christmas performances, the staff often belt them out on the way home in their cars, but they won't admit it.

Here are some pictures of the last two weeks.  Next week we'll be starting a week of activities around the story of Owl Babies.  

Autumn 1 - A New Start

posted 10 Nov 2019, 07:11 by Matthew Smith

All the staff in Foundation Stage were delighted with how well the children have settled in during the past half term.

It's been a bit of a wait, but we've put together a video to show some of the activities we did from September up to October Half Term.

We hope you enjoy it.

Week 7 Outdoor learning for ALL

posted 18 Jul 2019, 09:22 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 18 Jul 2019, 09:37 ]

FS2 learn how to be Archers!

We had a lovely morning learning how to be archers. The children soon learnt the technique and we able to shoot their arrows at the target.





Pirate play continued...

posted 11 Jul 2019, 08:01 by Georgina Bradley











Outdoor Learning

posted 2 Jul 2019, 09:00 by Lisa Wells

Week  2  Making Sandcastles 
Expressive arts and design. 

This week the children made Pirate treasure islands and sand castles. They had to think about how to turn dry sand into a consistency that enabled them to make a sand castle that they could put a Pirate flag into. 
The children enjoyed mixing their sand with water and then spooning it into buckets and other vessels. When they had made their sandcastle they then made a flag. The children used shapes to draw around and then carefully cut along the lines, finally they decorated their flag with a pirate picture. 

Week 3 Pirate Medallions and Pirate Trail. 
Expressive arts and design. 

The children had 2 activities this week; 

Activity 1;  The children used wooden discs to make a pirate medallion. They had to decide what they were going to draw onto their discs then carefully drew and coloured them in. The children then cut some string and threaded them through the hole.   
Activity 2;  The children had to follow a trail of clues, writing down letters as they went. At the end they had to read the letters and solve the clue.


Week 4 Pirate treasure 
Maths and Physical development.

This week the children used the whole of the school grounds for their Outdoor learning, including Kings Croft . We looked at a map of the school that had key areas marked on it. At each area there was a clue they had to complete before they could move onto the next area. For example they had to walk the bridge, tiptoe through nettle infested swamps, look for the oldest tree in school and run to the classroom that you can climb. The ultimate gain was to find the treasure at X marks the spot.

Pirates Ahoy!

posted 28 Jun 2019, 08:34 by Georgina Bradley

The children have been completely engrossed in this terms learning all about pirates. Here are just a few snap shots of the fun they have been having...







Doctors in the House, we mean School.

posted 7 Jun 2019, 09:00 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 7 Jun 2019, 09:01 ]

A huge thanks to Simon and Rachael Booker who gave up their time to talk to the children about:
  • Different types of doctors.
  • Why someone might see a doctor.
  • Equipment used by doctors.
  • Different lifestyle aspects that lead to healthy living.
The children really enjoyed having our visitors here and as you can see Miss Stevenson and Mr Smith (the ones ironically dressed up as doctors) enjoyed it too (look for the photo that bears a slight resemblance to the painting "American Gothic")!


Outdoor Learning Summer 2

posted 7 Jun 2019, 01:47 by Lisa Wells

Making Scarecrows
Communication and Language. Physical Development.

This week the children made Scarecrows
. We talked about the Scarecrows jobs, and who he helped. The children thought about the different birds that needed scaring from the fields. One child thought making a giant bird feeder for the Jackdaws and Crows and hanging it in the tree would stop them eating the farmers seeds. We also talked about who the farmer grew the crops for. 
The children listened to the story the Scarecrows hat, they were able to identify the main character and then could make predictions of what might happen next . 
To make the scarecrow the children had to draw 2 eyes, colour them in, then carefully cut them out. They also made it a mouth. They then found 2 sticks and helped Mrs Wells lashed them together. Then they stuffed small bags full of straw, this was to be its head. With support the children then tied the head to the stick.

Outdoor Learning Summer 1

posted 23 May 2019, 15:04 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 28 May 2019, 04:47 ]

Understanding the World and our local environment
Week 1
Making Birds nest and matching birds with their eggs.
This week we were thinking about spring, birds nest and investigating the different colour eggs that our birds lay.
The children were able to explore a crows nest and small robin nest. They looked at the similarities and differences between the nests, and then we looked at how the birds had made their nests and what materials they had used. We saw that they had used sticks that were different thickness and shapes, also they had used straw and feathers. The children were also able to see how the nests were held together with mud. The children were then given 2 activities to complete . The first was the make their own birds nest, they used clay, sticks and other materials they could find lying about outside. They tried weaving their sticks together and  mixed up mud to help fix their nests together . We decided that making birds nests was very tricky and that birds are very clever.
The second activity was to match a picture of a bird with the pictures of  their eggs hidden around the outside area. The children learnt that each bird has a different colour egg.

Week 2
Looking for signs of Spring .... We're going on a Spring Hunt !

With spring well under way the children went on a spring investigation . They took with them; an identification sheet, binoculars and their magnifying glasses. We heard lots of birds, found new shoots, flowers and lay down under trees to see how high they stretched into the sky.

Week 3

Grow Grow Grow.

This week the children were gardeners, and we started adding some plants to our outside area. They listened to a story called 'Eddie's garden' and then used tyres and herbs to plant their own gardens. When they had finished planting their herbs the children then sowed some cress seeds in individual pots. They drew faces on the pots as they hope the cress will grow and look like hair sprouting .

Week 4

Exploring and using a variety of materials, tools and techniques

Down on the Farm

This week the children made their own farms. They were given a tray, soil, grass seeds and clay. Using their imagination and creative skills they made their own farms, these included trees, fencing and farm animals . 

Week 5

Exploring and using a variety of materials, tools and techniques

Bees, butterflies and Ladybirds

This week the children made their own mini-beasts out of Elder wood. I talked the children about the Elder tree, we looked at its bark and felt how rough it was. We then looked at pictures of an Elder tree and how we can identify it in the spring with its white blossom and in the autumn  with its berries. They then listened to a poetry book that identified all the different mini beasts that may be hiding in the garden.

To make their mini-beasts the children were given a wooden disc with pre drilled holes. They had to decide if to make a butterfly, bubble bee or ladybird. The children looked at pictures to make sure they were using the right colours and markings.

Week 6

Understanding the world and our local environment.

Sunflowers and Peas
This week we re-read  'Eddie's garden' and using inspiration from his story planted our own peas and sunflowers. 
The first group of children helped to move the wooden planting frame from the car park area. 
A big thanks to growing club for letting us have this frame
Then all the children in FS2 took turns in filling the frame with compost. We then carefully took the seedlings from their pots and planted them into the soil. We were able to see the seeds that the seedlings had sprouted from and the roots of the new plant. The children worked in pairs to dig a hole then carefully place the seedling into it without damaging its roots or stem. They found that using their hands, instead of their trowel, to cover the roots of the seedlings was the best method. To help the seedlings grow straight the children found some sticks and gently pushed them into the soil. The job was then finished off by a giving the seedlings a good drink of water. 
The other activity the children did was plant their own sunflowers. They looked carefully at the seeds and saw that some seeds were black and some had stripes, we're wondering if the seeds will grow different types of sunflowers? They then put soil into their pot and gently pushed the seed into the compost. The children drew a sunflower face and stuck it on to their pot. 
The children remembered how Eddie grew his sunflower, that it needs sunlight, water and compost. The adults in FS2 would love to see the children's sunflowers growing at home. Perhaps you could email us some pictures to share.  

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