Additional Activities to support Reading and Writing

posted 27 Nov 2020, 07:37 by Matthew Smith
Mrs Russell has been hard at work at home making some activities that you may wish to try at home if you feel you need a little extra.  You may not feel this way, so don't worry!  

Top Left: match the letters, say the sounds.
Top right: dip in the box, sound out the words then write them down.
Bottom left: tiny letters, use a magnifying glass to read them (do the same with words to)
Bottom right: draw a picture, write lines for the number of letters, segment the word and write it down.

Remember that at this age children need to see lots of modelling if they aren't doing this process independently.  Let the children sound out the try and blend words, but model what to do lots of times if they are struggling to do this.

Thanks Mrs Russell!