Gingerbread man continued...

posted 13 Oct 2015, 09:06 by Georgina Bradley   [ updated 13 Oct 2015, 09:35 ]

This week we are looking at a new story, but before we tell you all about that, here's a few final pictures of what we got up to at the end of last week:

We had loads of fun acting out the story of the Gingerbread Man in our circle time games


We also had a TASC activity, this is when we have to plan, design, make and evaluate. We had to build something to get the gingerbread man across the river. Take a look at our ideas:


We had all sorts...aeroplanes, bridges, bounce pads, submarines and more!

Finally, after making all those gingerbread men, we got to taste them and had a go at describing them: