Half for me and half for you!

posted 9 Mar 2017, 06:48 by iebrahim@dore.sheffield.sch.uk
Yesterday in maths, we learnt how to halve shapes. We learnt that you need to fold the shape so that all the corners and edges are touching, so that when you unfold it there is an accurate fold line halfway. This means that there are equal halves on each side. The children did an amazing job with their cutting and folding skills. They also used terms like equal and symmetrical. Fantastic!  For the objects we cant fold, the children did a great job estimating where they think the halfway line would be and drew it. We were wondering if your child would like to fill out their halving booklets. They could find an object at home, draw a picture of it and then halve it by drawing an estimated line through the object. It would be lovely to see what the children have been halving over the weekend.