Learning at Home

posted 7 Nov 2016, 02:32 by Georgina Bradley
Anyone been to a bonfire this weekend? Seen some spectacular fireworks? Even if you stayed at home, warm and cosy, the fabulous displays across Sheffield must have been heard. Please follow this link to create your very own firework display:

Choose your favourite colours, sound effects, speeds and explosions to please a crowd! Perhaps you could think about the different sounds that fireworks make, whoosh, BANG, POP, crackle....we call these onomatopoeias. How many can you think of? Can you think of actions to go with them? Have a go at writing your favourite onomatopoeias.

If you're feeling creative today, choose a craft from the selection below. Don't forget to bring it into school to show us all!

Although bonfires are exciting, they also provide a tempting home for hedgehogs. Today we will think about how to protect hedgehogs from bonfires. Maybe you could have a go at making your very own hedgehog:

You'll need to go scavenging for some Autumnal leaves!