November chill

posted 17 Nov 2017, 09:27 by Matthew Smith
It's starting to get colder and darker now but this hasn't been holding this year group back!  First a couple of photos of our Wednesday Walk from last week.  We saw the progress being made building at the new housing estate next to the school and also spent a little time at the Dore village war memorial and spoke to the children about the reasons why we have been wearing poppies.


This week we've been subtracting using the green bottles song as a focus and using our phonics skills to help us write the names of nocturnal animals.  Outside we've been firefighters - answering calls and heading out to the fires in our fire engine!  There's also been lots happening in the kitchen outside with lots of vegetables and healthy meals being prepared.

We've had a lot of fun with Children in Need today, keep an eye out for news of the totals raised on the main news page on this site.  

Have a great weekend - next week we're focussing on Diwali as we begin to learn about celebrations!