Outdoor learning

posted 13 Mar 2019, 03:08 by Lisa Wells
We've had a very busy term this year .
Week 1
Looking for early signs of Spring;
On a lovely and unusually warm February morning we went for a walk around Kingscroft and the school ground looking for early signs of spring .
The children found daffodils, crocus,catkins, snow drops, bluebell stems and also buds growing on trees. 

Week 2
Bug Hotels.
This week the children began to understand the difference between an insect and arachnid. We then scavenged and hunted the school site for leaves and sticks ready to make our Bug Hotels. The children loved pulling the trolley. We will be making our Bug Hotels in the last week of term, keep your eyes peeled !

Week 3
Jack and The Bean Stalk 
This week the children used their art skills in outdoor learning. They coloured mixed blue and yellow to make green and then painted string as their beanstalk. The children then collected leaves and painted those green too and added them to their beanstalk.  
Growing; the children also planted up beans . They put 2 beans in a transparent cup full of cotton wool balls. They then added water. The children will now be able to watch the beans grow over the next couple of weeks.