Outdoor Learning

posted 2 Jul 2019, 09:00 by Lisa Wells
Week  2  Making Sandcastles 
Expressive arts and design. 

This week the children made Pirate treasure islands and sand castles. They had to think about how to turn dry sand into a consistency that enabled them to make a sand castle that they could put a Pirate flag into. 
The children enjoyed mixing their sand with water and then spooning it into buckets and other vessels. When they had made their sandcastle they then made a flag. The children used shapes to draw around and then carefully cut along the lines, finally they decorated their flag with a pirate picture. 

Week 3 Pirate Medallions and Pirate Trail. 
Expressive arts and design. 

The children had 2 activities this week; 

Activity 1;  The children used wooden discs to make a pirate medallion. They had to decide what they were going to draw onto their discs then carefully drew and coloured them in. The children then cut some string and threaded them through the hole.   
Activity 2;  The children had to follow a trail of clues, writing down letters as they went. At the end they had to read the letters and solve the clue.


Week 4 Pirate treasure 
Maths and Physical development.

This week the children used the whole of the school grounds for their Outdoor learning, including Kings Croft . We looked at a map of the school that had key areas marked on it. At each area there was a clue they had to complete before they could move onto the next area. For example they had to walk the bridge, tiptoe through nettle infested swamps, look for the oldest tree in school and run to the classroom that you can climb. The ultimate gain was to find the treasure at X marks the spot.