Outdoor learning - Butterflies

posted 6 Mar 2020, 07:37 by Lisa Wells
Understanding the world. Making observations of animals and plants and explain why some things occur and talk about changes 

 To reinforce the children's learning  from their trip to the Butterfly House, and also their learning about caterpillars and life-cycles, this week in Outdoor learning we went on a butterfly hunt. The children had to seek out the different butterflies and match them to the pictures on their clipboards. They then used their phonic knowledge to write and read the butterflies names. This was quite tricky as some of the butterflies have long names. The children remembered to spot the difference between a Comma Butterfly, a Peacock and also a Painted lady. They were also able to find the Speckled Wood easily as they guessed it would be hiding in a wooded habitat.  The Peacock butterfly reminded us of the Peacock bird that we had seen on our trip and the Holly Blue was similar to the giant ones we'd seen fluttering in the Butterfly House. 
The children were also able to identify their favourite butterfly and say why. Mrs Well's favourite was the Green Hair Streak just because she loves its name .
See if your child can remember any of the butterflies names or what they look like .