Outdoor Learning in FS2

posted 23 Mar 2017, 03:46 by Georgina Bradley
Come and see what we've been up to in our outdoor provision over the past few weeks! We have developed so many skills through these exciting activities:

Den building, camp fires, bird spotting...
team work, collaboration, decision making, problem solving, using our imaginations!

Scientific investigations...
Questioning, observing,predicting, making choices, discussing, exploring!

Cooking up some muddy feasts...
Peeling, chopping, mixing, scooping, rolling, crushing, serving...'and today's special is...'

Water play
More team work, persevering, problem solving, observing, making choices, adapting, exploring!

Skate parks, slides and a see-saw...
Using our imaginations to plan, build, play, adapt, improve, enjoy and share!


Basket ball skills
Turn taking, concentration, coordination, persevering, achieving!

Grow, grow, grow craft and seed planting
Observation, planning, making choices, creativity, reflecting, being attentive.

Reading, writing, and mark-making

Maths challenges, fruit printing, threading and scoring...