Outdoor Learning Summer 2

posted 7 Jun 2019, 01:47 by Lisa Wells
Making Scarecrows
Communication and Language. Physical Development.

This week the children made Scarecrows
. We talked about the Scarecrows jobs, and who he helped. The children thought about the different birds that needed scaring from the fields. One child thought making a giant bird feeder for the Jackdaws and Crows and hanging it in the tree would stop them eating the farmers seeds. We also talked about who the farmer grew the crops for. 
The children listened to the story the Scarecrows hat, they were able to identify the main character and then could make predictions of what might happen next . 
To make the scarecrow the children had to draw 2 eyes, colour them in, then carefully cut them out. They also made it a mouth. They then found 2 sticks and helped Mrs Wells lashed them together. Then they stuffed small bags full of straw, this was to be its head. With support the children then tied the head to the stick.