Outdoor Learning Week 4 . ICE!!

posted 1 Feb 2019, 00:47 by Lisa Wells
Well what a very cold and icy week we've had. I love the resilience of the children in FS2, they always wrap up warm and
 there's never any complaints as we leave our cosy classroom and venture into the minus temperatures outside !
This week the children had to hunt for treasure that was hidden around the playground. But, OH! MY! the treasure was frozen, how were the children going to get it out of the ice. The children had to think like scientists.
We used different 'sunstances' to see if its properties would melt the ice.
The children first tried bicarbonate of soda, this worked very well to bake ginger bread men but will it work with ice!
We then tried flour, and also salt. We thought about salt and how its sprinkled around school to stop the paths freezing. We also talked about the big gritting lorries, however we realised that the salt we were using was the type we used for our chips so maybe it didnt have the same properties. We then tried cold water, this melted the ice a little bit but we thought that maybe it needed to be warmer as we knew that the warm sun melted snow and ice. The warm water was much more successful, especially  on Wednesday when the warm sun was helping to melt it as well.
The children learnt that ice wasn't made of snow but infact was made of water and to melt it they needed a substance that was warm or it needed to be left in a warm place, like the water tray in the classroom. The children will be making thier own ice before the end of this term to test out their theories.