Owl Babies and Technology

posted 6 Dec 2019, 08:24 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 9 Dec 2019, 08:41 ]
It's been another busy fortnight in FS2 - advent has started of course and thoughts are turning towards end of term events and activities.  Over the next two weeks we will be looking at Christmas and in particular the Nativity story.

The week before last we read the Owl Babies story and looked at some non-fiction work alongside, learning about the term "nocturnal" and writing a fact about a nocturnal animal. In maths we have been focussing on addition and gaining confidence with counting on from different numbers.

This week we started to look at technology and the children went on a "tech hunt" around the infant half of school - looking for technology that uses electrical energy to work and thinking about whether they need mains power or battery power to work.  The children have also been dismantling an old computer and taking out the pieces.  The aim of this is to demystify the computer a little and to make it clear that humans have made and designed computers and they do as they are programmed to - well they should at least!  We made our own "laptops" too, with a lift up keyboard to display some of the main components in a computer.  

The children have started making their first forays into Lego Robotics!  We guided them through a strater activity which involved following instructions to build a "snail" and then writing a short piece of code to determine how the LED behaves.

Please continue to keep a close eye on information from school - there's lots of events coming up and we want everyone to feel welcome and participate as much as possible.  We hope that everyone enjoys a busy but enjoyable fortnight to come.