People who help us

posted 31 Jan 2020, 08:50 by Matthew Smith
We recently called out to parents to come and speak to the children about what they do.  We've been so grateful for the response and the children have enjoyed learning about different occupations and also having something different from Mr Smith's droning!

We've had doctors, a nurse and a sports nutritionist and a vet come and talk to us.  Here's some pictures so far (there are more to add but here's some photos we took.  Thank you so much for giving up your time.  There's been some key messages such as eating healthy diets (from more than one profession) and drinking water which is great advice for the children to follow.  Also some fascinating details about the work you do!

If anyone else would like to come and talk to us for 10 minutes about their role we'd love to see you!  Get in touch with Miss Bradley or Mr Smith and we can arrange a good time for you.