Take a look at our week in foundation

posted 4 Apr 2014, 07:24 by Karen Breen


 The beginning of the week was very exciting with the arrival of our ducklings. The children have really enjoyed watching the eggs hatch. The ducklings have been a lovely addition to our classroom.
After the success of our bug lab some of the children decided to go outside and hunt for the real thing!!
Circle time this week took place outdoors. Here the children got the chance to practice team work and the art of control.

 Observational drawings of real daffodils was the art job of the week.  The children surprised us with some amazing drawing.

The children have been learning all about symmetry. They have taken great care to make sure their butterflies are symmetrical
Our show and tell has changed. The children get the opportunity to bring home a special box which they can fill with  things that are special to them.  The parents are invited to come into school and talk about the box with their child.
Our week ended with Friday Fun Afternoon. Every Friday the children get the opportunity to take part in different activities and a chance to learn new skills. Each member of staff takes charge of an activity. Sewing bear hand puppets, board games, netbooks, outdoor games, Japanese fan making and music are all on offer this week.
We usually start off with a singing session with Mr Percy. This week he introduced a new instrument to us all, a bouzouki  !!