Technology in FS2

posted 28 Nov 2016, 08:52 by Georgina Bradley

Last week we had so much fun dismantling and investigating the inside of a computer! We spent ages unscrewing, cutting, pulling, twisting and turning different parts and using tweezers and magnifying glasses we got to see all the little details. We have found fans, chips, motherboards, wires, cables, screws, batteries....endless amounts of exploration. As well as this, we have been thinking about things that need power (energy) to work. We went on a hunt around school to find all sorts of electrical and battery operated things, like alarms, telephones, clocks and kettles. We have started thinking about how the world works with developing technology and what it was like before we had electricity! Mr Wood even came in to talk about his job as a vet - he explained how he has to use an x-ray machine sometimes to look at animal bones.

Using the beebots, and blind folds in PE, we have begun using positional and directional language. We have been programing the beebots and other computer characters to follow instructions. We are getting better at algorithms and will be continuing over this week. We even had a visit from Mr Percy who showed us how the Lego Robotics work. We had a go at programing the robot to collect the bumble bee.

Having been inspired by all this technology, we have also made our own models that include computers, walkie talkies, robots and machines. Take a look at our pictures: