Tech Week in FS2

posted 8 Dec 2017, 09:01 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 11 Dec 2017, 09:05 ]
We've had a wonderful week in Foundation this week as we enjoyed a technology focussed week.  Some of the activities included:
  • Dismantling a real PC with screwdrivers.
  • Making robots and computers with junk modelling.
  • Building our own laptops with cardboard with their own components.
  • Sketching motherboards with pastel crayons.
  • Starting to code using Codeapillar and Hour of Code activities on the computers.
  • Starting to use new devices like tuff-cams, beebots and walkie talkies
  • Searching for technology in our classroom and understanding how they get their power.
Staff have been really impressed with the understanding and enthusiasm about technology.  We think these activities have helped the children think more about the technology they come across day to day.  Why not have a chat at home about the technology you use and how it is powered?


Have a great weekend!