Under Construction

posted 22 Apr 2016, 08:17 by Georgina Bradley
Over the last few weeks we have turned ourselves into builders. After reading the Big Concrete Lorry by Shirley Hughes, we learnt all about the different stages of building a house, from laying the foundations, right up to laying slate tiles on the roof. We have been out in the village spotting all sorts of homes, from Bungalows to Flats and Detached houses to cottages. We have also been keeping an eye on the construction site down the road, where we now understand a little more about how they are building. We have made safety signs to keep our classroom safe while it's 'under construction' and have been busy learning how to measure with rulers and the importance of planning and designing things before we build. We were even lucky enough to have a visit from our own Building Supervisor, Mr Hall, who brought in lots of his own tools for us to find out about. We asked him some great questions like:

How do you measure a house to make sure it's not wonky?
How do you build a floor?
How do you make the stairs?
How is concrete made?
How do you put the windows in once the walls have been built?
Why do builders have cabins on site?

Once we had gathered as much information as possible about houses and the building process we were presented with a task: to build a house that would keep a family warm, dry and safe! We thought about all the features that a house needs, then we designed houses using all of this information. Our next challenge was to collaborate with a friend, to use ideas from both designs, and to come up with a final building. We had to select our own resources and think carefully about how to join materials. We had to listen to each other's ideas and share responsibilities. It was great fun.