Update from Mr Smith

posted 27 Mar 2020, 09:49 by Matthew Smith

Hi everyone!  It's the end of the first week since school closed and what a strange one it has been.  I've been in school for a few days and at home for the rest and it's been bizzarre and sad not to see the children we teach and care so much about.  It's been great to see photos from everyone working on learning school has set or doing different activities with their families.

Here's me with my children Amelia and Reuben (yes Reuben decided today to wear his school uniform)!  They've found it ok this week but there have been ups and downs as I'm sure many of you have experienced too.

To the children I say: well done for being so reilient!  Whether it's been in school or at home, you are all coping so well with the huge changes in your lives and we're all very proud of you.  Keep being helpful at home and talk to your family if you feel sad or unsure about anything.  It's ok to find everything that's going on a little weird!  

Please keep in touch using yf@dore.sheffield.sch.uk.  Stay safe and look after each other!

Best wishes to all
Mr Smith