Week 4 and Week 5. Identifying Bugs and making bug hotels

posted 27 Mar 2019, 03:26 by Lisa Wells
In week 4 the children had to identify pictures of bugs hidden around the playground. They then used magnifying to find real bugs, they looked under logs and stones. The children found earwigs, worms and beetles. We're hoping that lots of them will move in to the newly made Bug hotels. 

Week 5 
This week the children had 2 activities for their outdoor learning. One activity was to find 'plastic' bugs hidden in boxes around the outdoor area. The children had to identify their bug and then decide if they were an arachnid or an insect . They did well sorting them using sorting rings .
The second activity was to make the Bug hotels. The children worked hard collecting leaves and sticks to fill up the pallets . They also added cones and hay.   A big thank you to all parents who helped provide the resources . 
You can find  the bug hotels on the grass area outside of Y1 and Y2.