week beginning 10th november

posted 14 Nov 2014, 07:24 by Karen Breen
The children had a go this week at mixing their own autumn colours using the powder paint. They really enjoyed experimenting with different colours. Their mixing skills were amazing! They soon learnt which colours they had to mix together to make another and excitedly shared their knowledge with their friends to help them to get the same colours. 

he children showed excellent team work on this independent activity. They alrked together very well to complete the jigsaws.


The children enjoyed a visit from the  Toffee Music company. They learnt all about the different instruments and were able to join in with the songs.
 Outside in natures kitchen they were learning how to use graters this week.

activities indoors

Other outdoor activities.

Friday was a very exciting day as we all dressed up as super heroes for children in need day.
The children all enjoyed their children in need bun at snack time.

Children in need winners


Endeavour award

Star of the week