Week beginning 12th January

posted 20 Jan 2015, 03:11 by Karen Breen

We have set our role play area up this week as a veterinary surgery. From the pictures I am sure you will see some budding vets and nurses!
There is an opportunity to wear the uniforms with genuine surgical gloves, masks and hats! Lots of equipment and a real drip! Medicines, bandages, treats and much more.  In the reception area there is a chance to write appointment slips, prescriptions, care plans, bills, receipts, injection cards and a lot more.  There is a waiting area where you can read some books all about animals and lots of information leaflets on all the different pets.

A big thank you to Springfield Veterinary Surgery (Richmond) for donating a lot of the resources and equipment.



This week the children are doing some investigating with ice!


"is that ice? It's got little spikes there, it looks slippy.  I saw it slip when you put it on there. That is melting and it is made of water. if you touched it, It would melt a bit because we are hot that is cold. You don't see it in hot countries or summer or autumn. Its hard it hurts."


" it looks like slippery water.  The sun is melting the ice I think it will be spikey on top.  It feels cold and wet, very cold.  Its hard and wet"



The children have also been looking at tree pictures taken by the photographer Ansel Adams. They have had discussions, done writing using adjectives, observational drawings and even some children turned into photographers and took their own photographs! There is a fantastic display in the classroom so you can come and see some of the children's work.


The children have been making their own weather clocks.

 Endeavour award Mrs Farrell's class
 Endeavour award Mr Smith's class