Week beginning 12th May

posted 16 May 2014, 07:23 by Karen Breen   [ updated 17 May 2014, 22:45 by Lynnette Glossop ]
Imagine if I was a..........SUPER HERO
  It has been a very inspiring time, the children have really used their imaginations.  Throughout the class room the activities all had a super hero theme.
Word building, the children had the opportunity to try and spell out super hero words with the lego letters
 Leo made a puzzle and hid two super hero words amongst the letters. Can you spot them?

The visualiser was set up on the computer for the children to use.  This gives the children the chance to see what objects look like from a birds eye view.

The free writing table gave the children a chance to do a variety of writing tasks. Super hero word mats were available for them to help with their stories. Also their was a chance to design their own super hero and write about its powers! This is a totally independent activity.

maths task this week was all about learning how to halve numbers.


Art this week with Mrs Breen consisted of the children using their art books to creat their own hero character. As you will see there were some amazing creations.




In the art area children got very busy making their own super hero costumes and accessories.


 Lets all make a super hero jigsaw.

Ordering Spiderman into size order.  Which is the smallest? Which is the biggest? How many are there?


It was Jessica's turn to do her show and tell this week. Lots of interesting things were shown. Russian dolls, a special bracelet, her birthstone and lots of family photos from when she lived in London.  Thanks to Jessica's mum and sister for helping and a big well done to Jessica for speaking so well in front of everyone!  


 The children have been learning a song with Mr Percy on our fun Friday afternoon. On Wednesday they got a chance to perform their song in whole school assembly.  Below are the children rehearsing.

The children perform their song to the whole school.  A big thank you to Jessica , Anisha and Evie for helping the children to remember the words and actions.
 Below is a video of the children  performing.




 Outdoors this week children were learning about registration numbers.  A very keen policeman was taking down numbers from any one who didn't stop at  the signs

Danni came to take the all reception for outdoor games.
Thank you to Isabel who took the photographs all on her own with the ipad. She became the photographer for the afternoon as she couldn't take part because of her broken arm.

 Award winners in Mr Smith's class

 Endeavour award

 Stars of the week

 Maths star of the week

 Writer of the week

 Award winners in Mrs Farrell's class

 Endeavour award

 Star of the week