Week beginning 13th October

posted 17 Oct 2014, 07:17 by Karen Breen
The Three Little Pigs is the theme for the week.

Circle time was good fun, the children acted out the story of the Three Little Pigs.


Maths was a continuation of length and measure.
                                                                     ' How long is your arm Mrs Breen?'        'Mr Smith how tall are you?'

Below the children are on the investigation table,  they are using the colour paddles to find out how colours can be mixed together to make another.  " If you hold up a blue and a red it makes purple"  Ava



The children used 'purple mash' to design their vehicles.





Natures kitchen.  The children get to experience different tools and skills.  Chopping slicing, grating, mashing etc..

  Woodwork is an on going outdoor activity which the children love!                  

 Wow the children organised and set up their own band!!  

   Outside the children were playing along with instruments to some Caribbean music. 

Phonics on the interactive whiteboard.   Does the word have the sound 'f ' in it? The children had to put it in
 the treasure box if it did and the bin if it did not. Great team work as they all helped each other out