Week beginning 18th May

posted 22 May 2015, 07:27 by Karen Breen

 This week the classes have been learning all about the country which their class is named after.  Mr Smith's have been learning all about Spain and Mrs Farrell's all about Canada.
Flag making.
The children had a really good go at this and it even inspired some of them to go and try do one at home.

Alexa did this amazing Spanish flag at home.

Whenever visitors travel in and around the  Canadian province of British Columbia, they will likely see Northwest Native totem poles.

    west coast art totem poles native indian    


The children have been having a go at creating some faces ready to make our own big totem pole.




Mrs Farrell's class created the Canadian flag on the netbooks.
Mr Smith's class used the netbooks to do some art.  They tried to create their own Picasso style picture. Picasso was a very famous Spanish artist. 
 The children have also blown us away this week with how well they have started to pick up some of the Spanish language. Counting and some simple phrases have been taught this week by Mr Smith.
  Miss Travis has been teaching Mrs Farrell's class French.